Riccardo Marchesi



Riccardo Marchesi, born in 1962, holds a master degree in Electronic Engineering. Immediately after he graduated he joined the family company, SCOMAR srl, that was producing industrial knitting machines. After some time in the business as Sales Manager he also started developing new machines, helped by his brother Lorenzo. In the year 2000 Riccardo started investigating technical textiles, mainly fabrics for shielding from Electromagnetic fields and smart fabrics. He is the founder of the site www.plugandwear.com.


The need of new developments drives Riccardo to investigate and develop innovative conductive textiles. Metal textiles for shielding electromagnetic fields are the first products introduced to the market. In 2008 Riccardo starts studying and developing e-Textiles that are now marketed under the brand name Plug and Wear.


With the shift towards East of textile markets the company needs a sharp change. Riccardo Marchesi and his brother foresee a possible business in technical textiles and start developing new products with the competence available in the company.


The company develops a new range of flat knitting machines with a patented automatic system to eliminate manual operations in the finishing of polo shirt collars. Riccardo actively participates in the development of the mechanism.


Before his graduation Riccardo starts travelling to the US as Sales Manager. In 1987 he graduates in Electronic Engineering with a thesis on the Electrical power system in hospitals. His first task in the company is to keep the contacts with the US Distributor and largest customers.


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Riccardo brings his passion for e-Textiles on stage. Contact him now for a lecture; he can inspire your audience by illustrating the most advanced developments in this new field of research His lectures are addressed to designers, technology and textile enthusiasts, architects and teachers, and to the general public
Riccardo is available for workshops and courses on e-Textiles.
A degree in electronics and 25 years in textiles give him the necessary skills to offer
an unforgettable experience focused on the most advanced interactive fabrics for
robotics, sport, interaction design, the IoT, and rehabilitation.
All workshops have a short introduction dedicated to simple theoretical concepts,
followed by an exaustive hands-on section where participants experiment with conductive
fabrics, interactive fabrics and other high-tech materials.